In-reply-to » @prologic I'm a bit confused about how the two different reply icon buttons behave. The speech bubble with a plus doesn't supply a post id tag to the edit field at all, while the double speech (conversation?) icon supplies the id tag of the post you're replying to rather than the original root. Shouldn't both options supply some kind of id tag to the edit field? Hmm, interesting. My original interpretation was that the (#hash) was hidden by’s UI, but then when I saw it turn up in the UI for some posts I started to get confused because my incorrect expectation was that a (#hash) would either always be exposed or always hidden and a mix of the two never occurred to me.

As far as GO knowledge I have some casual programming experience and have looked at the source a little, but I wasn’t able to identify the relevant parts of the code base. I am interested in understanding further, although I’m not sure how much I can contribute.

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