In-reply-to » Meddling with Wayland (Sway) again.

As for redshift, there is this protocol extension:

“Protocol extension” sounds complex, but it basically just means: “Here’s an XML file that describes our thing.” It’s much more formalized than specs like EWMH, which are mostly written in prose. If a compositor decides to implement it, it knows exactly which functions to implement, which arguments they get, and so on.

This is a generic extension that allows you to set a gamma table. So, on Sway, you can use this:

However, scroll down to this table:

This only works on Sway, not GNOME nor KDE.

For GNOME, there is this other fork:

It’s using “GnomeRR”, which appears to be part of “libgnome-desktop”. I couldn’t find official docs for this library (I didn’t search for long, though). Here’s the code: They’re basically doing their own thing, outside of Wayland protocol specs (or I misunderstood). It probably makes sense from their point of view.

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