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Recent twts from carsten Ich mag deine Webseite. Sehr strukturiert und einfach gehalten. Fuer das ganze gopher Zeug habe ich genommen. Muss aber auch ehrlich zugeben, dass ich echt verwoehnt bin von dem “Mach mal alles im Browser”. Dabei finde ich Terminal Sachen gar nicht so schlecht. Aber wie so haeufig, gibt es viele Dinge die man machen will und einfach viel zu wenig Zeit sie alle umzusetzen.


(#lgoljoa) IIRC (not sitting in front of my pc right now): in apples photos on macOS I clicked auto magic wizard button and then I have chosen the dramatic filter. After that I adjusted a little bit the shadows and highlights to make it a bit darker. Also modified the curves a bit. A bit more red and a bit less blue (I think). Cropped form 4:3 to 3:2


Atlas of food

Food tastes especially good when it is authentically prepared. But what makes a dish authentic? And where is the best place to eat it? The world map of the website “” shows which food is typical for the countries of our earth, which ingredients make the dishes so special and where the best restaurants are to be found in order to subject them to the taste test yourself. A true treasure chest of old and unknown delicacies waiting to be discovered.



(#brcqusq) Hey 👋 back to you too 😉 - I don’t know actually. I got attracted by some other projects, was more active on Twitter the last days involved talking about all kinds of things. I had to dedicate time to learning Python and some others things for the job which kept me more busy than I thought. Also vacation planning took a big part of free time out of work for planning and organizing things.

I will post more pictures soon. Promised! More scenery images coming. I hope at least. Don’t know how good the internet connection will be.


(#wkwboeq) Good Morning tkanos. I just wanted to give you a small update: after trying this and also working with and Obsidian, I went all in with Apple Notes. It is not markdown, which I do not like, but the all the others things actually make up for it. First I can access them an all platforms via web-browser (still lacks Tags but that’s ok), I can send things via short note from iOS and macOS, full text search and OCR work almost perfect.