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(#vjc33kq) What I don’t understand here: Why am I supposed to do this? Does btrfs require this, i.e. it can cause real issues if I don’t do it (or not often enough)? Or is the purpose to try to catch hardware errors early on?

The manpage doesn’t state any reason. They simply added that section (“the user is supposed …”) at some point without further explanation. 🤔


Using btrfs on one of my disks now. 🤔 I’m not using any of the fancy features like snapshots or subvolumes. My only reason is: Data checksumming. I’d like to have that as a safety guard in addition to regularly running sha256sum in user space. 🤔 Let’s see how it goes … Yes, I do have good backups of that data.


(#7e5bs4a) Ooh, not sure I’m qualified. I started a year ago myself. 😅 Some stuff comes to mind (better practice 5 minutes every day than 2 hours only on Saturday; learn scales instead of songs; don’t forget to practice with a metronome every now and then), but it feels like it’s super obvious. 🤪

Well, maybe this: YouTube is full of “backing tracks”. That guy, for example: Have it running in the background and then just improvise over it. Of course, you can’t just hit random notes, so one of the easiest things to do is using a pentatonic scale:

I struggle with lots of things and one of those is: I have a hard time anticipating how it’s going to sound (and feel) when I play this note, then that note, and so on. This was always my problem, even with other instruments. And I now think that the reason is: I never actually played nor explored the instrument, I just repeated excercises or songs. Improvising to a backing track helps me a lot with this. 🤔

But as I said, I’m just a newbie myself. Maybe all I said is garbage. 😁


(#4ybhe2q) Neat. I can now control Netflix via the infrared remote control of my TV. 🥳 (My setup is a bit weird, because the NUC dispatches the events via SSH to another machine, but the IR stuff turned out to be pretty simple. Not much to tell here, just use lirc.)