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(#4nxp4mq) (Mandatory post appreciating Angela Gossow, previous vocalist of “Arch Enemy” until Alissa took over. She was a pioneer in metal vocals and one of the first women to make it big time doing harsh growled vocals. Nowadays we have lots of female vocalists who do this kind of stuff – maybe/probably thanks to her –, which is a big plus for the genre. 🤘)


(#dmkicsa) Here are some ideas for the next version of this video:

  • Don’t take shots at noon but closer to sunrise. That should give more interesting lighting.
  • Equip the Raspberry Pi with some kind of temperature sensor and show the outside temp of every day on the video.
  • Ditch the idea of making a video of an entire year and focus on timelapses throughout the day/night instead. I’ve tried that in the beginning, but the cam is really bad during nighttime. But maybe I could get it to work after all. 🤔 (It’s annoying to wait a year until the video is finished. 😅)


(#dmkicsa) Fun fact: I wrote a little Rust program to do the image crossfading. It takes a minute to compile this program. It also takes a minute to fully render the small version of the video, including ImageMagick, ffmpeg, and everything. 🥴


(#fv2iaoa) Errr, this is on my current machine running Linux 5.18.16. 😅 (The challenge was about limiting/tracking your online time: )

(Actually using old computers and old software for every day life is not that much fun, I’ve found. You can’t do anything related to the Internet, basically: None of the old crypto works anymore. So you can do Gopher and visit websites of enthusiasts who still offer HTTP, but that’s it.)


(#fv2iaoa) After more testing: I’m beginning to think that I’m hit by an issue in memtest86 itself:

Only the test called “block move” failed and only when the SMT mode was set to “all cores”. So far, no issues with “round robin”. Oh, and I’ve now seen the issue on all slots and all modules.

So why was I seeing kernel panics then? There’s another possibility: My issues started right when I started that “old computer challenge”. I was starting/stopping my networking interface a lot and almost all freezes happened while starting it (one kernel panic happened while the system was shutting down and I unplugged some USB device). So it’s at least possible that these are just kernel bugs. 🤔

Since the “old computer challenge” wasn’t very enlightening anyway, I’m going to abort that now and see if the system stabilizes. And/or run isolated tests to see if starting/stopping the NIC repeatedly causes kernel panics.


(#goes62q) Maybe I misunderstood you last time. 🤔

Here’s how I do it:

First, I have read_marker_always_show = on. If you can’t tell what /input set_unread does, you probably have this option set to off.

The marker tells me: “I have read all messages up to this point.” Looks like this:

Doing /input set_unread now moves this marker to the bottom:

Hence new messages will be shown below again:

When I’m in the middle of a conversation, I ignore this marker altogether. Only when I leave the room for a minute or something, then I’ll probably do /input set_unread (^S^U) to move it. It’s a very manual process (maybe you can move the marker automatically after a certain idle time or something), but it works fine for me.


(#c2eqblq) Here’s the only thing I have: I took a note of the days where it was “really hot”, like 30°C and above. That was one week in 2021. For 2022, we’re already in the third “hot” week.

(Yeah, it’s not a very scientific method. Maybe I’ll dig up the official records of last year … assuming they’re made public?)


(#7ojxp4q) Wahaha. :-)

Reminds me of a story about my favorite math teacher (as told by my other favorite math teacher – hm, not sure, did I ever not like one of those guys?): This wasn’t punch card programming anymore, but “personal computers” were no where near, let alone fast ones, so they had to book time on the big computer at the university. The dude wrote his program, submitted it, it ran over the weekend. When he checked on monday, the results were printed and ready to collect: Heaps and heaps of paper, all sheets showing hundreds of “0”. :-) He was henceforth known as „die Supernull“. <3


Going to do “The Old Computer Challenge v2” soon:


Use the internet (a bit) like it was in the 90’ies, i.e. only connect for very brief amounts of time. I think 20 minutes a day was already quite a lot for us. It would be total madness to also limit the available bandwidth to the speed of a 56k modem, so that’s not part of the experiment.

I’ll write about the experiment in my gopher hole.


(#mkfgfeq) Hmm, this says:

Can We Replace the Text Encoding Menu with a Single Menu Item?
Most likely yes […]

But there are a lot more factors at play than just telemetry. 🤔 Haven’t read through all of this, either …

Apparently, the autodetection was deemed “good enough” to remove the manual selection?

I still don’t understand why the menu item is disabled. It’s even disabled on plaintext files. So … ? 🤨


(#zxvfzja) Hm, yeah. I’m probably a bit spoiled. 😅 (Aside from being too naive and too trusting.) In my current company, there is no traditional “first level support” that just talks to the customers and has basically no idea what they’re saying. Sure, there are different “tiers” and different sets of skills among the teams, but there are no “support monkeys”. When customers open tickets, they pretty much immediately get to tech-savvy people, who are actual devs/sysadmins (or at least worked as such in the past, as far as I know).

Probably quite unusual in this field. 🤔 But I wouldn’t really know, I’ve only seen three companies in the IT field and I’ve been with the current one for a good decade, so …

I had the impression that there was a slight war between development and support. […] the POs didn’t listen to improvements and suggestions on how to make things easier for the support team

Oof, that’s harsh. 😳