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For a lot of folks, it’s 100% social media. If they don’t see it there, they don’t see it. They only see what their preferred social media services want them to see.

this is discouraging for current and future generations. i don’t participate in social beyond what you see here, but it’s got to be a rough existence being spoonfed whatever a machine decides.


(#2hlggeq) i received the point of the article loud and clear. there’s plenty of young people who have become frustrated and sought out ways to aggregate. of course mass re-adoption is futile, but putting the information out there in a way that makes things simple for others is likely a good plan. meanwhile i’ll go back to baking a docker container that can aggregate nearly anything you throw at it


(#w55rorq) how are you running the image?

  • compute engine
  • anthos
  • cloud run
  • gke

each one will have a slightly different approach.

if you’re running from the terminal docker run -e DOMAIN='' -rm myimage where -e is how you pass the the environment variables at execution time. if you need multiples you can do -e DOMAIN='' -e TZ='UTC' and so on


(#p2wodwq) you bring up a good point, but as you know with many things there’s many sides of the coin, as it were.

take aws. no really, take it. get it away from me. expensive as all get out. but with that expense comes the calculation of the costs associated to run such a behemoth.

  • electricity multi-homed
  • multiple generator backups
  • hyperscalar metal / tier1 infrastructure
  • people ready to respond 247 if shtf
  • the lovely apis we all know and adore

i think also it pays to keep in mind that a the term datacentre is subjective. you and i run them. so does aws. we can barely guarantee .5 x 9 even with redundant systems and hypertension. meanwhile aws or some other paas provider or a metal datacentre can 4 x 9 all day long and 5 x 9 for their .gov regions.

give a man infinite piles of money, he will draw 9’s. give a man a stack of metal, let’s hope he doesn’t cut himself in the process :-)


(#yf6xnsa) consider this..

software can and often does go through several iterations until the desired state is reached. humans are no different. we evolve in regards to interests, tastes, and who we want to be in the world.

the last couple of weeks have been deeply reflective and there was a point of realisation to which it was decided that society’s fragile rules no longer apply.

let’s catch up soon.