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(#h2h7f3a) I’m getting progressively faster reach day! 😂 We had a very bad water and power problem this afternoon where our laundry flooded and water got into a bunch of electrical equipment and fried a few circuits 😳 So I wasn’t able to complete Day 2 “on time” 😅 Oh well! Better luck tomorrow!


So… I lost power there for a few mins… 🔌 Did anyone notice? 🤔 No? 😅 Good! 😂 Man that super expensive UPS I bought is good! 🤣


My Open Letter to Signal:

Hi Guys and Gals 👋

I just wanted to bring to your attention that Signal is being talked about openly on ( – An open privacy focused and decentralised micorBlogging social media I launched in July 2020.

Please have a read of

This Yarn (as we call it) has numeric forks (sub-topics) already and is becoming quite controversial.

A couple ofthose controversial topics are Signals’s plans for:

  • Introducing some kind of SPAM filter.

At first I thought to myself, this is utter BS; since you can’t do SPAM filtering on ciphertext where the keys on with the client, not Signal. But then I read a bit more and it seems you’re attempting to solve a problem I’ve also been a victim of, but not that often.

Can we talk about this one in the open and potentially persuade you guys down a different direction?

  • MobileCoin

I’m not even sure what this is why Signal feels the need to be in the “Mobile Payments” market.

Care to explain why we need this? In the spirit of openness and transparency, I wholeheartedly believe Signal should continue to remain being good at one thing and one thing only

Protecting the privacy, security and freedoms of individuals and groups to communicate with one another.

Finally I am a big proponent of Signal and what you guys do. I encourage all those around me to be on Signal and use Signal in their daily lives.

Let’s continue down this journey together 🤗

Kind regards



(#meatppa) Hmm here’s a link to the Blog Post on the Spam filter being implemented by Signal. The arguments sounds plausible, and I have been the victim of such SPAM myself; but OTOH it was few and far between. I would go a different route myself and opt for “Block inbound calls / messages” option.

I wonder if we can go change Signal’s minds on this one? 🤔


(#x4m654q) That’s why we don’t log you out if you’re a registered user and using the mobile app 😂 The risk here of doing this on the web is it’s an attack vector. You could have a malicious bunch of assholes register tonnes of accounts and keep the session “permanent” and eat all your system resources 😅


(#hmtxdza) THe mobile app logging you out is weird, it should almost never happens as we don’t have the concept of “refresh tokens”.

The website OTH has an option called “Remember me”. If you don’t tick this box, your session will only be held in-memory and only for about an hour. If you tick the box it’ll be held in the database for much longer (honestly I can’t recall how long! 😜)



Reddit said on Wednesday it would launch several real-time features, including voting animations and typing indicators, […] to boost engagement on the platform that has fueled a ‘meme-stock’ frenzy in the recent past

Recall when I’ve talked about how big-tech social media platforms work and how they fund their business? 🤔

Very simply:

More engagement == More audience reach == More advertiser spend == More revenue == More profits

Remembers folks:

You are not a user, you are the product!


(#pdogumq) Lastly but most importantly, Signal is a Not for Profit company. It has no interest in making a profit. It is backed by some very rich and philatelists (kind people that give money away for good causes) and the open donations by it’s uses (I donate yearly) 👌 – It’s parent company Whispers Systems is a commercial entity that does make commercial products for profit – And AFAIK are also in the same market –cryptographicc software and hardware products.


(#pdogumq) I’m afraid your arguments are a bit weak there 😅

  • Signal AFAIK is 100% open source
  • Signal is also been audited, both it’s crypto and protocol
  • The protocol (also called Signal) is also an open protocol and open source
  • The protocol has a wide variety of implementation languages that can be used, including Go, Javascript, C/C++, Python and probably others.

To your statement of:

They also preach open-source and yet parts of the app have been close-sourced already.

Please provide evidence 😂 For if true, I may have to reconsider using Signal 😅


(#pdogumq) What didn’t you like about Signal? 🤔 And that weird crypto you speak of is Xsalsa20 Polycurve and EDCH25519 with triple ratcheting and perfect forward secrecy 😁 Who wouldn’t want a secure private and audited messaging? 🤣



Signal requires a phone number to sign up, and I believe that you can connect it to your contact list on your phone to find other people using Signal. If this is the case, wouldn’t they have to store at least a hash of your phone number? Hashed information is listed elsewhere in the document.

Signal do this “discovery” of your contact list client-side only.

I’m not sure on the exact details of how your “Phone number” si used; but I do know, and this is publicly available data and knowledge that Signal go to great length to not store, collect or process any kind of metadata that goes through
Signal brokers. I believe the Signal broker servers are also open source too if
I’m not mistaken. Have a read through some of their recent blogs.


(#wt5j2xq) Yup saw this the other day here

The most interesting part for me was these two tid-bits:


  • *No message content.
  • *Date and time a user registered.
  • *Last date of a user’s connectivity to the service.


  • *No message content.
  • *No contact information provided for law enforcement to pursue a court order. As per Telegram’s privacy statement, for confirmed terrorist investigations, Telegram may disclose IP and phone number to relevant authorities.



for the girls, the Advent of Christmas is a new, different thing , each day? Could you explain a little bit more what it encompasses?

Yes, each day they get to open a new small gift. I believe the theme this year is Harry Potter. They’re basically toys and things you have to put together. Last year it was mini lego. can probably explain it better than I 🤗