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(#6cajjya) Here’s what my thoughts are:

  • Someone needs to fiddle with the search engine’s codebase and improve it
  • Fix some performance issues and correctness
  • Add support for indexing mentions and feed authors of twts
  • Document how to use the query language really well
  • Provide results over both HTML and JSON

I think that would get us in a good place. Keeping the API as simple as hitting the search endpoint with ?q=... would suffice I think? 🤔


(#hsouiwa) I guess the problem I really have, same with this whole Web3 Blockchain nonsense, is that we blur the lines between what is a centralised system, vs a decentralised system, vs a distributed system (sorry forked as we’re getting off topic…)

Does that make sense? 🤔 Even though it’s not too different from say you using my pod and trusting me, I feel its about making it as easy as possible to rely on your own infra if you so desired.

For example, I am quite sure you coudl run up your own Session node, hell even run up a Swarm of them (as they are called), but how easy is that to do? 🤔


(#c4rokma) Thanks bud 🤗

I’ve read the paper from Session and even played with it in the past 👌 I just wanted to point out something though, right there, not very far down:

Session utilises the decentralised Oxen Service Node Network to store
and route messages. This means that unlike P2P messaging applications
you can message Session users when they are offline.
This network consists of community operated nodes which are stationed
all over the world. Service nodes are organised into collections of small
co-operative groups called swarms. Swarms offer additional redundancy
and message delivery guarantees even if some service nodes become
unreachable. By using this network, Session doesn’t have a central point
of failure, and Session’s creators have no capacity to collect or store
personal information about people using the app.


(#6cajjya) In which case I strongly believe a really good search engine and crawler is more suited to this, as it has the capability of self-discovering other feeds by crawling the entire space.

It works because of the inevitable “network effect”, for example: Say you were mentioned by a new person I’m interacting with for some reason or another, but you don’t follow them. Because you follow me, you get to know about this because of your connection with me.

A crawler can also discover this as well (and does).

Are you any good at Go btw? We have a search engine, but it needs a bit more work I think.


(#c4rokma) Just a friendly reminder that I probably want to submit this soon (tomorrow), in the next 24-48 hours. It’s always gone through a few revisions. 🙏


(#rfs6lza) The very fact that we continue to fucking store “Personal Identifiable Information” at all astounds me 😳 – Yes okay fine, there are commerce laws around “Know your customer” apparently, in which case, why da fuq do companies continue to store PII in the clear in databases and systems so easily hacked?! 🤦‍♂️ Encrypt it at rest FFS 🤣


(#6cajjya) In practise, almost no-one uses a Twtxt registry. I think it got bolted on to the spec as an “afterthought”, but required clients to add an implementation and use one or more registries, but which one? 😅 My personal opinion has always been to just rely on a search engine, of which there is one currently (needs some love), but hmmm not sure, this keeps coming up, regitries, but why? 🤔


👋 Hey y’all and Twtxt users out there 🙇‍♂️ One of our sister projects we recently begun work on a few months ago this year (2022) is called Salty IM – Some of you may have heard of it, seen it, even played with it. If you haven’t do check it out! 🙏

I have written up an NL Net Funding Submission Proposal which you can find here (you will need to sign-in with either Github or your Gita login via

I would appreciate any feedback, comments, criticisms as I would like to submit this before the Deadline of 1st Oct 2022. I an hopeful we can get a small funding amount to primarily build a great Mobile App experience for Salty Chat (the reference client) and place a number of (free) brokers around the globe for folks to use if they so wish 👌

Thank you! 🙏 #NLNet #Funding


(#oa6727a) As I said in the issue, I’m guessing Simple CSS doesn’t have any styles for modal dialog(s)? 🤔

Also as an aside, I realied I can actually turn off Link Verification and Set my preference to Original Media, so at least there’s a work-around on per-user Settings until we fix this 👌