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Great conversation with tonight. Some things we talked about:

  • Goryon being taken off the Google Play Store
  • The woes of uppercase ls and Iowercase Ls
  • De-Googling Android
  • The Google Glass and how it forced you into the walled garden
  • iOS and privacy
  • Privacy legislation and the extent to which people know about the spying
  • Creepy Amazon stores
  • The new issue of Lab6 (


(#6bwqvpq) No, I haven’t. points to a web host that wouldn’t let me host a broker. I’ve got a VPS and some other domains, I just haven’t done it.

I couldn’t figure out the client, anyway. I couldn’t see my messages, and when I run salty-chat read I only got one message at a time. I haven’t touched it in a long time, though, so maybe things improved.


(#ix5mbfa) How long does the battery last? I’m skeptical of electric yard equipment like that. I had to borrow an electric string trimmer a few weeks ago. Piece of garbage! It struggled to cut through anything, and the battery died in less than 20 minutes. I don’t think it was a real inexpensive one, either.

I’ll have my real gas one (that would cut your leg off) running by the time the weeds come back.


Meeting notes for tonight. Definitely an interesting talk tonight with and I think might have come up once or twice. :)

  • ISP shenanigans, including
    • Port restrictions
    • IPv6 adoption
    • Reliability
  • Sandstorm, the self-hosting system is working on
  • Consuming social media via e-mail
  • Programming languages as an indicator of program quality
  • Pine{Time,Phone}
  • “Sideloading”