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@prologic@twtxt.net (#mch7nuq) I agree
When you tie a behavior to business metrics, like retention and revenue… Well, usually the ‘game’ design suffers, and sometimes the learning too.

I had a short time creating ‘educational games’ until I found there are not games anymore, but tools. (With a few notable exceptions)
They are not fun to play and if you make them fun, you don’t learn in a predictable way, which is not acceptable by the industrial education.

Something similar happens with social media which are optimized for addiction buuut that’s another long conv.


@prologic@twtxt.net (#sddvhlq) oh, you explained about the Moving average a few tweets (?) before…
I missed that msg! Nice, it brings me memories of a very old project to parse RSS and a few Leaderboards where I’ve used some statistical functions/weird math.

Good vibes with what you are doing!


(#nnr7z6a) @prologic@twtxt.net well, honest confusion from my side…

I joined here because someone requested me to use the twtxt format, which took me to https://twtxt.readthedocs.io
I was thinking of using the base format for my site, but finding options for a simpler usage I came to https://yarn.social and lastly to https://twtxt.net

So… Yes, it could be confusing if ‘twtxt’ (spec) is exactly the same as ‘twtxt.net’ (service for the same spec) when it’s a (great) extension.
Or on how to name that extension…. twtxt 2.0 to say something?


(#mch7nuq) if you are interested look for the analysis on Duolingo, on YouTube and some blogs.
They talk on how to measure the real motivation behind the task, often forgetting about the final goal, which is learning to use a new language.

Interesting readings and more interesting how to actually create that successful design


I was rereading a few old books in my Kindle, and reached to one about Gamification.

Although I’m not a big fan of gamified experiences and serious games as I was a few years ago, it always makes me wonder on how effective they could be for simple ideas.

For example I was thinking on registering your current run on a treadmill or elliptical in a twtxt file (or any Yarn service), reading it and unfolding a passive story based on your distance.
Or maybe exchanging those Km/Miles into some resource in a micro game.

The ‘final’ idea is to motivate you to do more excersise, which is a long discussion.


@prologic@twtxt.net (#hpzmd2a) Sure! Backwards compatibility is a huge topic (and usually something no one wants to address so it comes to us)

I feel your pain, dude

For Indie Games and Webs I work on, it’s about maintenance of previous versions and migration of old data to newer structures and teaching the young team how to do that. Complete fun!


(#nnr7z6a) @prologic@twtxt.net Cool! That’s a nice distinction between the format, the extension, the pod and Yarn.social. Maybe the similar names are confusing to newcomers, but besides that, a really noble project. Thanks for all your effort!

I was reading a little bit more about it here: https://www.prologic.blog/2021/12/19/future-of-yarnsocial.html

As I was ‘saying’ on Twitter, this kind of extension and online services would be required for that ‘social content generation’, I’m glad dev.twtxt.net has those ideas covered, like pagination for instance.