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(#vctugiq) What a cool chilling dog enjoying its shiny teeth. Contemplating whether to use its broom tail to do some cleanup. But the dice have fallen, it keeps resting. :-)

Yesterday morning I got up very early at 05:30 to get the still cold air back in the house. So I opened all the doors and windows for a draft. Suddenly, there was a reddish brown cat in the bathroom and hissed at me when I had a look. It then ran across into my room where I was already working, jumped on the desk, ran over the keyboard and computer, out the balcony door. It tried to to escape between the railing and wall, but failed as it was too big. So it turned around and wanted to get back in the house, but I luckily blocked off the route. The next unsuccessful attempt was to squish between railing and wall on the other end of the balcony. Finally it returned, hissing like crazy of course and then jumped over the railing onto the tiled veranda. Quickly vanished off through the bushes.

That was the end of creating draft in the ground floor. What a stressful morning.


My twtxt.txt feed grew over 700 KiB, so I thought I write a Python script to split it into monthly archive feeds. Now the only things left are automating the execution, automatically rewriting the main feed as well and adding support in tt, so that the full feed is reconstructed in the cache.


(#7kzz5ua) Whoo, that’s quite something I’d say. I wouldn’t want to do that on a regular bike when going to the office (recreation is a different story). Maybe with a cheater bike, but that needs to be experimented with first. How long would it take you according to Uncle Elgoog?

I’ve seen bike lines on motorways in Australia, but I wouldn’t feel save there at all. And regular people don’t have escort cars:

Indeed, you get a nice heads up before:

But then you basically have to go on the right lane anyways, because that shoulder is pretty much non-existent in my books. And cars and trucks are flying by with 110 km/h.

You would need some constructionally separated bicycle lanes. Hahaha, very cool! :-) A folding bike is nice if you have to take a train in the rushhour. I saw people folding and unfolding their bikes in less than ten seconds, pretty amazing what can be done today. I never had a folding bike, but I reckon a non-folding bike will be more comfy to ride, just judging from the smaller tires alone. So when you have 20 km to go, I have my reservations on a folding bike.

Just put it right inside the office. That’s what some collegues did at my former employer. Or they locked it on the railing in the public corridor. Just do it, you can worry about the others when they also start coming by bike. However, I doubt, that lots will.

Missing showers is a thing that might kill the bike idea right from the beginning.


(#ha7mmmq) Apple sauce was originally invented for waffles, I’m totally sure! It’s the perfect fit. Yeah, next time try that, you won’t regret it. :-) But basically anything works. Plum jam is also a pretty hot candidate. Blackberry, raspberry, you name it.

Speaking of apple sauce. That’s also brilliant for pork schnitzel. I was like you guys when I first heard it: “What the heck!? These Aussies definitely want to play a prank on me!” So I waited for them to go first and then hesitantly gave it a try. But man, I was instantly hooked, it’s a very yummy combination, no doubt. If you can’t believe it, think of cranberries served along deer. Not sure about the rest of the world, but in Germany that’s a classic.


(#duqvxja) I never came across such a bike before either. The chairs are kind of nice, but not super ideal for pedaling. The backrest feels kind of flimsy, the driver’s more than the passenger’s. When pedaling stronger I always had the slight fear of breaking the backrest, it’s not as ridgid as I would like it to be. Also after some effort your buttocks are very sweaty. Never had that with a saddle. But other than that, the seats are nice amd comfy. Good luck not getting rained on on your tour, I reckon these cloth upholsteries will be soaking wet in no time.

The handlebars are in very silly locations. I’d like them to be much lower. But that’s not possible. It’s a bit like I image what it would feel when sitting on a Harley. Sort of driving a recumbent bicycle, not that extrem, of course, but a bit in those lines (never sat/layed on one either).

And the passenger’s armrests don’t line up with the handle bars either. You have to select one position: Put your arms on the rest or grab the handlebars, but both is impossible. Unless your anatomy is reaaally weird. Riding freehand also works of course, the armrests can be tilted up.

But always keep in mind, the only usecase of the bike is to drive your grandma around in the park. Something along those lines. Certainly not going for longer adventures. I’m pretty sure it’s quite up to that task. But it would be muuuch cooler to also support other usecases. Wouldn’t be hard in my opinion.


The flavor of hay and freshly cut meadows was everywhere, the sun spoiled us with 23°C, a pleasant easterly breeze was blowing and we went on a tandem ride again. We had like a VIP lodge on the river Fils. That was pure luck, the ice cream shop we were headed for originally was still closed because of renovation. They’ll open tomorrow, the owner told us. So we went to a park/beergarden thingy and enjoyed the view.


(#ha7mmmq) Drop me a note when it happens. :-) Waffles are awesome, I fully agree. And indeed, they work out fine with plant-only material. Some years ago I had to omit the milk because of one person being strongly lactose intolerant. I had also ran out of eggs and didn’t feel like going to the shops, so I simply tried without them. Very surprisingly to me I hardly could tell any difference in regards to taste. I was super baffled that this experiment turned out this good. But maybe homemade apple sauce was key. ;-)


(#dq4wraq) Very nice, thanks! :-) Well, at least the standard is pretty obvious in that regard. Although, I have to say, I prefer the “must NOT” over the “cannot” version. Interesting that they changed the wording in the draft version. Admitted, it’s basically a complete rewrite.

Now the only thing left for you is to file a bug report against Otter.


After the quick tandem ride and a quick lunch we headed out on foot this time and visited the tadpole pond. Lo and behold my friends, the little creatures were out there again the first time this year! The entire pond was crowded with millions if not billions of them. Absolutely amazing! \o/ I’m super excited about that.

More of this trip into the woods.


On Saturday it was sunny and so we went on a short 19 km tandem ride in my area. The bike was designed in the hillless Netherlands, so that’s presumably why in areas like mine the battery is flattened in no time. They claim a maximum range of 40 km in the flat. We only engaged the motor on the way up to save on juice.

My town lends out the electronic tandem to all its inhabitants for free, which is awesome. The cool thing is you sit side by side and not behind each other like on a regular tandem. This makes it quite cool for conversations. But of course, narrow spots might get tricky, it’s over a meter wide. Posts on the footpaths to block off cars and other motorized vehicles can get a challenge to navigate around. Also avoiding oncoming or overtaking traffic is tricky on narrow paths or lanes.

The vehicle is designed for disabled passengers, but some of these features are in fact drawbacks for others. The driver can select from eight gears, but the passenger has always a fixed gear ratio. So at very low (going uphill) and at a bit higher speeds (basically regular cruising speeds on the flat) the passenger cannot help pedalling, it’s either too hard to tread or you’re like a hamster in a spinning wheel. Only the midrange (~5-15 km/h) is somewhat okay. Ideally, the passenger would have an own gearbox or at the very minimum share the same gear ratio as the driver. But the current solution is just terrible. There are three settings for the passenger the driver can control: 1) idle all the time 2) fixed gear with the option of ideling 3) fixed gear without the possibility of ideling, you always have to tread and cannot rest. So of course, setting 2 it is. But why not provide a fourth or fifth option with a passenger gear box?

I will talk about the tandem experience in more detail another time.


Finally showed a mate around in my lovely area on Friday. So we went up my backyard mountain. It was cloudy and right between t-shirt and jumper weather.

The local mountain rescue service started a training at the Spielburg, a nature reserve of white jura surrounded by brown jura. While the presumably leaders prepared the wall with climbing gear the youth group arrived with more equipment, I reckon their own gear. I would have watched them much longer, but my mate pressed on to return home. So there are only a few photos of that event.