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(#ifphkga) Just for some more background: I wrote a StatusNet client years ago which worked very similar to jenny, with mutt as a frontend. That program did indeed truncate the subject lines – but it turned out to be a bit annoying in practice. It was always cut off a little bit too early. 🤣 So I eventually removed truncation altogether.

#h5bqwcq (#ifphkga) That’s on purpose and probably won’t change, I think. 🤔

If Subject contains the full twt, then you can skim over conversations just by reading those lines in mutt’s index pager. I often do that. On the other hand, if they’re truncated, then the question is: Where do you truncate them? 72, 100, 140, 200? Some people have wide terminals, others don’t. So I decided: Okay, let’s have mutt do it. 🙃 (Or you could make it a user option, but I like to avoid those, because you quickly end up with a ton of options and things get very hard to test, because I myself don’t use most of them.)

The subject lines are already “compressed”, btw. For example, a full mention like “@” gets compressed to just “@foo”. Maybe it’d be possible to expand on that idea, like also strip the hashtags of conversation grouping. 🤔

#t7sxgua (#5jejozq) No, of course not. 😊 I still take pretty much the same precautions as before (which is very easy for me to do, I can work from home 100% and all that; I don’t mind the masks and the distancing). But all those precautions don’t protect you, you can still catch the disease – so I was worried all the time (while doing stuff like buying groceries or using an elevator). And now that I’m vaxxed, this constant worry is gone. 👌

(I don’t know if I can get my point across. Damn language barrier.)

#f3eu5ma (#ck2oria) I was thinking: “If we just put these two fields at the start of the twtxt message (like we do now with mentions and subject hash), it would be backwards-compatible as well. 🤔” But then I remembered: If people write twts the old way (without the two new fields), how do we reply to them? They don’t have an ID. So we’d probably need the current hashing method as a fallback – and then we wouldn’t have made a lot of progress compared to the current version. 🤔

#372ptua (#ztwih5a) I can’t really compare k8s to those other tools, never used them. 🤔 At this point, we have so much stuff in k8s, it’s gonna be a lot of work to migrate away from it. 🤣

Our devs are pushing hard for k8s. They might be happy with another solution, but they know k8s very well know and it works well (for them – just not for me as a sysadmin), so there’s very little motivation to investigate other tools …

#oq4ng6a (#ck2oria) Yep, exactly. Broken threading. That’s how I noticed in the first place. 🙃

It’s unfortunate that editing twts breaks threading. Are there alternatives? The only thing I can think of is adding explicit IDs to all twts (like Message-ID and In-Reply-To). I think already mentioned/proposed this a while ago. The downside of this is that it makes twt feeds even more noisy for users who use traditional clients (or no client at all). 🤔


I love how my Android phone unironically tells me: “Please restart your device. Your device has not been restarted for 28 days. We e …” (Yes, it ends with “we e …” and I have no idea how to show the full message.) Really? So they haven given up and don’t even try anymore to make software that, well, works?

#jqcatmq (#wkjlotq) Oh, the URL part is being dropped? I missed that. It makes a lot of sense to do that, so I’ll make the change in jenny soon. 👌

Right now, jenny sometimes has to make up those URLs, because there simply is no cross-platform way of creating them. URLs like only exist on, but there’s no equivalent on my web site … so, yeah, that’s probably where those bad links are coming from.

I guess we should update accordingly. (Or maybe there’s a PR already, haven’t checked.)

#23h7xtq (#rpg63yq)

Interesting idea. 🤔

This is a key factor:

Such an upcycling will be possible with the manufacturers obligation to publish a device’s underlying source code under a Free Software licence at the end of support for any software necessary to run or modify the initial functioning of the device.

A device’s source code isn’t worth anything if it depends on, say, a proprietary compiler.

A similar loop hole for manufacturers: They could add pointless complexity to their build system. “Sure, here’s the source code for iOS. Have fun building it! You only need to perform these 13 million steps: …”

Or design the build system in such a way that it’s impossible for most people to perform because of their hardware: Just put it enough effort for the build to require 128 GB of RAM and you’re good.