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(#xk2gaga) The intention once that PR is merged is to have yarnd check for these errors and basically nuke the offending empty .json files and re-open the database as you would have done by hand (or as I’ve instructed in the past) 😂


Submitted the first PR #241 to Bitcask that is required in order to sort out the yarnd database issues both and have run in to recently due to power failures or crashes.

Since Bitcask is a production-grade v1 embedded KV store for the Go with many uses beyond my own projects and software, I have to make sure it gets some eyes from other users in the wider community 🤗

Stay tuned! 🤗


(#dewqhaa) Didn’t disappear but my pod may have restarted 😂

It’s not just a perk of being on a new platform I don’t think. We’ve gone out of our way to build and design for small interconnected communities of pods.


(#7x6gora) The thing is if you stick around long enough you’ll get to understand and find out the reasons why we made certain decisions and choices along the way 🤗 many of which actually have significant social impacts on individuals and groups of people ☺️