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(#ix5mbfa) Wow, if I buy the Ni-Fe battery system 48Volt, this would give me 10 amp Hour battery at 48 volts and cost me $1,200 for the batteries including delivery charge, and the total weight would be 25 Kg ! And get this these batteries last forever, a 100 years. You can run them down dead flat no worries and overcharge them again. And mow all day, who mows for a full 8 hours these days?


(#ix5mbfa) I add to that, I purchased a 18V cheap electric trimmer, ripped the battery bit out, hooked up a 12 metre cable to an old car battery on 12V, and cut anything I like with it, the machine ran at 60% of its strength due to the reduction of the voltage, never was strong enough to break the whipper cord, and while a little less powerful in cutting, I ran the system all day. The only thing that was a little inconvenient was lugging the heavy battery around in 12m increments. On the plus side, I have never changed the whip cord. It’s great.


Welded up the horizontal turntable for the wire netting. Because it moves width ways the progress is much slower, about 1.2 to 1.5 m each time. Not sure how I will navigate over the fruit trees, soon to be a challenge.


(#7bxttyq) Correct, the building is rabbit proof, pig proof, and soon will be bird proof. Than I can grow my 60+ fruit trees, run my chooks, do my veggie garden without wildlife interfering with it.
I can also place shadecloth over it too and make it frost proof.


Details of the straining of the wire (stainless steel cable) I use three links of chain, cheaper than other techniques, and the rod and nuts are super strong tie downs used in houses against cyclones.


Using two strong bolts and a 4x2 beam, I make a brace for the ladder, up a pole, to take weight off the pole leaning too much, when I climb up. The second bolt stops the ladder from being pushed over. The rope ties all the bolts to the ladder and pole.


Ready for tomorrow. The platform is very stable, with 5 stabilizer poles help. I also stand on a milk carton as well for that extra height at times. The red boxy thing in the picture on the trolley platform. The ringlock pliers makes it easy to attach netting to the wire.


Wired up the Jinko Solar panels to manually charge my batteries.

Here you can see on a late afternoon, I have nearly 4 AMPS coming into the battery system.

Tomorrow will start a manual recharging.