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(#nhsmfgq) That’s covered in the fine print. You could route it through a remote server, but even if you don’t you still get the other benefits like no AMP links and DDG-style !bangs.

- No tracking/linking of your personal IP address***

***If deployed to a remote server, or configured to send requests through a VPN, Tor, proxy, etc.


Great chat today on the weekly video call. We stayed mostly on topic, too!

Some things we talked about, for anyone who missed it. I hope nobody minds that I’m sharing.

  • Spoiler/NSFW tags in Markdown
  • Ideas for a potential browser extension 951
  • A strange bug in the web client regarding open ended HTML tags 952
  • What encrypted feeds might look like
  • Privacy respecting multi-factor authentication


(#5hr6s3q) I’m glad. I got a Haiku VM set up, so I decided to see what the best option was for Yarn. Web+ works wonderfully, even features requiring JavaScript work well. The only problem I’ve run into is that icons don’t load.

Otter Browser doesn’t respect the user’s theme properly and all the text is serifed, NetSurf supports just enough CSS to make it almost unusable, and Falkon won’t launch.