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In-reply-to » Speaking of Yarn and/or Twtxt + Activity Pub integration... Been thinking... If a decision is made to turn this into a full-fledged Twtxt bridging services between Twtxt <-> Activity Pub (which would make things much more transparent, because then yarnd only has to speak Twtxt period)... I have thought briefly about this. I have no idea how this could be done with the current twtxt thread paradigm.

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In-reply-to » @adi How is an institition different from a few powerful players that control >50% of the network? 🤔 It’s significantly cheaper to open an exchange and get people to hold their money in a custodial wallet than it is to perform a 51% attack on an established cryptocurrency.

Monero in particular uses an algorithm that’s supposed to be ASIC resistant and, while it can be mined on a GPU, it’s more efficient to mine on a CPU. I’m curious if that makes it easier or harder for a hostile entity to perform a 51% attack.

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In-reply-to » Now tell me how can I prevent monerod from hogging on my CPU. I'm on DragonFly BSD, cpulimit doesn't works, also nice doesn't. I believe this is an IRC question.

Oh, I just saw the other thread. Don’t put your wallet on the VPS unless you have a specific reason to do so. If you do, make sure your keys are stored on a local machine. It’s fine to run a node there, but run the wallet locally and configure it to use your node if you can.

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In-reply-to » 👋 Hey y'all yarners 🤗 -- @darch and I have been discussing in our Weekly call (still ongoing... come join us! 🙏) about the experimental <-> Activity Pub integration/bridge I've been working on... And mostly whether it's even a good idea at al, and if we should continue or not?

I’m worried that Yarn will become just another ActivityPub frontend. This integration threatens to split the community in two. Users of Twtxt clients without ActivityPub support won’t want to follow Yarn users because they’ll be engaged in conversations that are inaccessible to standard Twtxt clients. It will only force the split deeper if ActivityPub is an option to be toggled by users or pod operators.

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