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Recent twts from lyse (#6gszxta) The only problem with time-based approaches is that if a feed is down for some reason (or just not fetched in time) you might miss older twts you haven’t seen. Depending on the use case that might even be a feature to ignore outdated content. In my client I just mark every twt read and the next time I start it, all fully read conversations will be hidden.

#uyezs3a (#cdl6foa) I agree on a release process. However, I’m not so sure on the code signing part. M$ lately signed rootkits again. So it’s more a false sense of security. Could be a different story for your own code, though, as there’s no other party involved. Need to think about that a bit more.

#wbcs4ja (#6gszxta) :-D Don’t get me wrong, the idea isn’t bad at all, maybe just needs slight tweaking. Like maybe showing the new unread twts in that conversation if you’re logged in. But I think there’s no concept of read/unread twts in yarnd, so well, probably won’t work, but could be useful I reckon. It’s just an appearance issue.

#cbaqfeq (#gyxy4ta) So that’s not too bad. But skimming over Cache.FetchTwts(…) reveals that the cache isn’t touched when the parsing of the feed fails. Assuming that an invalid feed produces an error (might be wrong, didn’t investiage any further), the cache is not populated, triggering a fetch each time somebody visits the profile.

#uye4msq (#ybzvcta) I reckon the metadata should certainly be honored. Only if that is unsuccessful fall back to the trial and error search. Maybe also limit the attempts to find an avatar to a smaller subset of filenames. Do you have any numbers on (un)successful filename discoveries?

#epad6la (#gyxy4ta) Do you have any numbers on how often that happens? Maybe viewing a profile should not immediately fetch the feed but only if the feed hadn’t been fetched in say the last five minutes or so. Otherwise it just displays its empty cache. Or will this empty result set trigger the fetch?

#55focyq (#6gszxta) It was dramatic, indeed. I completely felt like, the red circles were too encroaching in my opinion, just like ads. Warning, click me! Fix me! You need to act now! Don’t miss out! And all it was was an informational number. Especially since puts great stress on a calm and unagitated user experience with no push notifications and things like that, it just looked exactly like the opposite. Your blue version over on is a completely different deal, it fits much better but still raises too much importance on the number for my taste.

#hdfgnbq (#cdl6foa) Auto updates are one the worst things in the world in my opinion. They always update at the wrong point in time which is not only very inconvenient but also often breaks stuff and then you’re fucked for at least a moment. It adds useless complexity to the software. The most terrible thing, however, is undermining security in my opinion. Don’t do it.

#awqpqqa (#gyxy4ta) So tt just renders this mention as an unfollowed feed as I expect. I can then open the URLs view manually and follow the “feed”. But that would be a manual step, tt doesn’t fetch anything automatically. I don’t think you can’t really do something about it. Maybe the URL was valid at the time or will become valid in the future. Valid as in a valid twtxt feed.

#wgqpvrq (#ck2oria) It is then a very different format, though. Not twtxt anymore. All the extensions we’re having now are still backwards-compatible to the original spec. Granted, they don’t really work without client support, but technically it’s still compatible. At the moment I’m not sold on redoing everything. But a version 2 would allow to fix a couple of things. E.g. feed relocation and stuff like that.