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Q: if most ransomware attacks originate from Email phishing or SMS smishing scams, why then do we continue to use such insecure and unverifiable forms of communication?! 🤔


(#uppf4pq) @prologic@twtxt.net Good question, I don’t have an answer. 🤔 When you think about it, we have made remarkably little progress in that area, haven’t we? GPG is ancient and nothing viable came after it … SSL could help in theory (like, pin the SSL cert of your banking web site), but that’s also a very old technique … I don’t really see new approaches to these problems. 🤔

Maybe one answer could be: Tech people rarely get phished, because they are smart enough to avoid these traps, so they don’t perceive this as an issue in the first place. Hence nobody works on it.

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