(#gqqqwca) @prologic@twtxt.net Midnight for you is okay? Maybe if I got up that early on Saturday for the meeting I would actually go find some garage sales like I always mean to do.

Also, check out the hash of the parent twt. Quads!


(#gqqqwca) I never get the whole English expression of “moving something back an hour” or “Moving something forward an hour” it makes no logical sense to me the way people say it 😂


(#4nxp4mq) (Mandatory post appreciating Angela Gossow, previous vocalist of “Arch Enemy” until Alissa took over. She was a pioneer in metal vocals and one of the first women to make it big time doing harsh growled vocals. Nowadays we have lots of female vocalists who do this kind of stuff – maybe/probably thanks to her –, which is a big plus for the genre. 🤘)


(#fj6gwxq) Like @prologic@twtxt.net, I can’t give you any hints, @eaplmx@twtxt.net. Sorry. For me, a hobby project just has to be fun in some way. But I know this too well myself, over time interest is lost and thus the project never finished. But I reckon that’s fine, too. Because there was a time where I had fun and/or learned something. However, I fully agree that it doesn’t feel good to not have completed the project.


(#7ldrcdq) @eaplmx@twtxt.net You’re spot on. Making everything configurable opens a whole sea container of worms. You convinced me to make it as simple as possible. Haha, no, I do not have paying users, in fact it’s just me. Maybe up to three other mates in the future. It’s just a hobby project, so there won’t be anybody paying anything. And that’s perfectly fine for me as nobody can force me to do something. :-)

I’ll go with two predefined exercise types, that’s all that I need at the moment. Yeah, keeping extensability in mind is very important. Thank you very much for all your valuable input!

Our approaches differ in measurements, I don’t care about calories, although, that is most likely by far the best meaningful number. It’s just not something I’m interested in and I also don’t have any way to measure it. In that regard I’m like a child and want to play with counting exercises. ;-)


Hehe 😂 Current version Git SHA of GoNix boots up okay in Vultr which is good 😅 But I’m missing a few things, and I’m not sure if networking came up 😂

Need to build equivalents for:

  • ip addr show or ifconfig
  • ping

At the very least 😂