(#xk2gaga) The intention once that PR is merged is to have yarnd check for these errors and basically nuke the offending empty .json files and re-open the database as you would have done by hand (or as I’ve instructed in the past) 😂


Submitted the first PR #241 to Bitcask that is required in order to sort out the yarnd database issues both @eldersnake@yarn.andrewjvpowell.com and @jlj@twt.nfld.uk have run in to recently due to power failures or crashes.

Since Bitcask is a production-grade v1 embedded KV store for the Go with many uses beyond my own projects and software, I have to make sure it gets some eyes from other users in the wider community 🤗

Stay tuned! 🤗


Now, onto the real question: what to eat? Partner isn’t home, so zero nutritional supplements have been consumed, and I have been lazy enough not to go out to fetch me something. So… hmm, yeah. Going to an eight years old niece birthday “roller scatting” party in an hour, maybe I get lucky with a slice of pizza, or two. 🤣