(#qucyl2q) Latency to the sat and back to a uplink station is actually ~45ms because the orbit is so much closer to the ground than say a Hughesnet.


(#qucyl2q) @prologic@twtxt.net

Not sure if Starlink satellites are in orbit around/over Australia yet, but I wouldn’t go with that option anyway due to the latency alone.

I believe it is being trialled in some places in Aus already. I will admit, I’ve been signed up for the beta for a while and it’s supposed to be coming to my area sometime in 2022, though that may be delayed due to the chip shortage stuff.

I think the latency is supposed to be 45-60ms on average, which while not as good as fixed line obviously, is leagues better than old fashioned high orbit satellite broadband which is about 600~ms.


(#ws7fslq) Yeah the timer is because everyone gets the same word each day. You get one word with 6 trys and compare with friends on how you came to the solution.


(#qucyl2q) Wow. I’m paying about 100 USD for my cable internet. Hard to estimate since its part of a tvd bundle. But it is 1.2Gbit down and 40Mbit up. And speed tests at that on the regular. The new house will have FTTH gigabit for 80ish.

Do they have Starlink beta down there yet?


(#qa5hioa) I get my lovely wife to try to take decent mugshots of me that well ya know, present well 😂 – sad thing is I don’t even really know what I look like anymore, I don’t recognize myself 😅


I was on a video call with Attract.AI and the co-founders jumped on our video call to say hi and see how I was doing (we use them for recruiting in my current day job) – Well this happened! 😂 Rubik'ss cube, the new stress relief tool!


(#qucyl2q) @prologic@twtxt.net In terms of pure outages on the ISP side I think so, yeah. Granted I don’t run an entire home infra like you do and I don’t monitor it as heavily, but it’s a pretty reliable connection day and night. Being wireless and on a mountain where the ISP doesn’t even recognise proper coverage (for standard pocket devices, my Yagi antennas no doubt helps with the coverage) there can be instances of momentary packet loss I think, but that’s about it.


(#qucyl2q) @fastidious@arrakis.netbros.com NBN Co is a monopoly Government-provided (tax payer funded) provider! 😂 So yeah you are right, we have very few options here in Australia. Telstra (what used to also be owned by the government before they sold it off and it became a private company and monoply) own all theinfrastructure, pits and conduits all over the country (effectively) 🤦‍♂️


(#qucyl2q) I saw you bounce. I don’t know if we talked about this before, but what are you options, should issues with your ISP continue? Are you locked in to your current, or are there other (preferably better) options?